Water damage is one of the most common losses that can occur in a home or business.  It often results from plumbing leaks, clogged drains, washer overflows, failed sump pumps or roof leaks.  Many times, the intruding water is not detected on the surface and must be diagnosed using our specialized moisture meters. Whether the wet surface is carpet, hardwood, drywall or another material, we at Boone Restoration have the expertise and equipment to complete a proper and effective dry-out. If we are able to respond quickly, often times the wet structures can be completely restored without removal.  Time is crucial, so give us a call.

Completed Water Projects

Ansonia, Ohio

This project was the result of a water pipe bursting in a home.

Tipp City, Ohio

This basement flooded as the result of a water back up.

Xenia, Ohio

This home was flooded upstairs as a result of a broken water line.


Everyone was courteous, prompt and did an excellent job!  We appreciate your kindess and service. Thanks!


Phyllis & Norman - Brookville, OH

It's the second time I have had to use a restoration service… Boone both times, I am well satisified with the professionalism, response, and quality of service.

Shari - Greenville, OH

I was very well satisified with the work and professionalism your workers displayed. I'm very happy with the outcome.

Rodger - Monroe, OH