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About CE Classes

Our goal is to provide you with high-quality education in a comfortable and relaxing environment.  By doing this, we hope that you enjoy our classes and learn a lot. Our sessions are short and scheduled frequently throughout the year so that you can fit them all on your calendar without being overwhelmed. 

We personally host each of these classes and offer them free to agents who handle Property and Casualty insurance claims.  Our CE classes are held in Englewood, Ohio.  Please refer to the class schedule to find the exact location of each class.


Our contents restoration classes meet all the requirements for Continuing Education credits for insurance agents in the State of Ohio, as determined by the Ohio Department of Insurance.

2023 CE Classes:

Insuring Home-Based Businesses

Thursday, November 2, 9am - 12pm

Did you know there are over 40 million “home offices” and over 11 million home-based businesses? How many of your homeowner’s policy clients might have some sort of home-based business? The Homeowner’s Policy does not cover liability exposure from a business, and has little property coverage for business equipment. This course defines what a business is, and the insurance limitations of having a business at home. We discuss the differences in owning your own business versus running a business you do not own. We discuss endorsements to increase coverage for a business at home. We define what Incidental farming is and what coverage is available for that risk. We address the question: when should a person running a business from home consider buying a full-blown commercial policy to cover their risk exposures?

Ethics in the Insurance Industry

Thursday, November 2, 1pm - 4pm

This course clarifies the differences between morals and ethics, how they’re related, and the focus of regulations in regards to these concepts. The discussion reviews the expectations on corporate and agent conduct in the field of insurance. Specific duties are reviewed that must be fulfilled to achieve the expectations and requirements placed on the industry by regulators and an informed public.


2024 CE Classes:

Errors and Omissions Coverage

Thursday, February 15, 9am - 12pm

This course examines what an Errors and Omissions policy is and how it functions. It reviews the concept of agent negligence and how it can lead to professional liability claims. The course outlines duties toward the company or companies the agent represents and the responsibilities agents have toward their prospects and clients. Also examined are types of Errors and Omissions claims made against agents, which often must be defended in a court of law.

Fundamentals of the Personal Umbrella Policy

Thursday, February 15, 1pm - 5pm

Umbrella insurance is an “undersold” policy in today’s insurance market. This course covers the problem of living in a litigious society. The course outlines how the Umbrella Policy can be of benefit, how it works, and how it coordinates with other personal liability policies. We cover the key concepts and terms involved, and how the policy differs from other liability policies. This course provides knowledge designed to position insurance producers to discuss the umbrella policy with clients.

Today's New Insurance Risk

Thursday, July 18, 9am - 12pm

Times have certainly changed. These changes have brought new types of risk exposures. New business models have presented challenges to our traditional insurance industry.

  • Ride Sharing (Uber, Lyft, etc.) - The course begins with a discussion of “Ride Sharing,” what is it, and what kinds of risks it has presented to the industry and to the individuals involved in it.

  • Usage-Based Insurance - What is Usage-Based Insurance? How is it different from our traditional models of assessing risk? Examples include autos monitored for speed and miles driven and monitoring of exercise and health habits to substantiate insurance premium discounts.

  • Self-Driving Cars – We discuss Self-Driving Cars and the risks associated with them.

  • Home-Sharing (AirBnB, etc.) - Another “new” development is the concept of Home-Sharing and Short-Term rentals of one’s home. We explore these exposures as they affect the Homeowner’s Policy and insurance carriers.

  • Drones - There’s been an explosion on the personal and commercial side of things with the usage of drones. We discuss how has this created new insurance exposures.

Issues in E-Commerce Insurance Liability

Thursday, July 18, 1pm - 4pm

Did you know the FBI reports cyberthreats are expected to soon surpass terrorism threats as the most dangerous of our nation’s concerns? This makes it critically important for people using the Internet in their personal or business lives to be aware of their exposures to this type of threats and the measures to protect themselves. Our discussion include privacy issues, the infringement of intellectual property, virus transmission, or any other serious trouble passing from first to third parties via the Web. We provide a thorough discussion as to why businesses need Cyber Liability insurance and Network Security Insurance. The courses closes with a discussion clarifying what Technology Errors and Omissions insurance is, and why it’s a good idea for a business to also carry that type of protection.

Ethical Challenges and Consequences

Thursday, November 14, 9am - 12pm

Ethical Challenges and Consequences explores actual ethical lapses of insurance professionals. Information from state insurance department shows what went wrong and how the state's insurance regulations, and/or applicable local laws, were enforced. The ethical challenges are covered on a case-by-case basis, providing students and instructors opportunities to discuss what motivations or temptations that might have contributed to the misdeeds. 

Long-Term Care

Thursday, November 14, 1pm - 5pm

The course reviews the aging of America and the financial and physical stress it places on families and institutions that care for the elderly. The financial toll is heavy on those who have not prepared for the eventuality of having a health crisis in their elder years. LTC Insurance offers a remedy to handle those life events. The course addresses the typical policy features and benefits found today and reviews alternatives to finance the cost of extended care without experiencing financial ruin.

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