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Our goal is to provide you with high-quality education in a comfortable and relaxing environment.  By doing this, we hope that you enjoy our classes and learn a lot. Our sessions are short and scheduled frequently throughout the year so that you can fit them all on your calendar without being overwhelmed. 

We personally host each of these classes and offer them free to agents who handle Property and Casualty insurance claims.  Our CE classes are held in Englewood, Ohio.  Please refer to the class schedule to find the exact location of each class.


Our contents restoration classes meet all the requirements for Continuing Education credits for insurance agents in the State of Ohio, as determined by the Ohio Department of Insurance.

Fundamentals of Life Insurance

Thursday, February 4, 9am - 4pm
Life insurance is arguably one of the most important financial products a person can purchase, yet it’s easy for people to put off the decision to protect their families. This course reviews the different types of life insurance policies, how they’re different, the major features, and some misunderstood policies on the market. Time also is spent on policy options, conditions, and tax ramifications.

Fundamentals of Dwelling & HO Policies

Thursday, May 13, 9am - 12pm
This course is an overview of these two policies, reviewing similarities between the two. Included is a discussion of why and when you’d purchase a dwelling policy rather than a homeowners policy. The primary course discussion is on the property side: how these two policies provide similar coverage, and the differences between the two.

Fundamentals of FEMA Flood Insurance

Thursday, May 13, 1pm - 4pm
Floods can happen at any time and anywhere. A flood is physically and financially devastating. This course takes an in-depth look at how the government-backed flood program and flood insurance works. The course reviews the National Flood Insurance Program and the role of FEMA as the managing government agency. Included is a discussion of the process a community completes to become a member of the NFIP, the designation of flood zones, the coverages and exclusions of the policy, and how this protection fits in with existing homeowners and building insurance.

E&O Review and Case Studies

Thursday, August 12, 9am - 4pm
E&O Review and Case Studies takes a hard look at the Errors & Omissions policy, the relationship between an agent and an insurance company, and the coverages and protections available through insurance. Topics include how agents handle and transmit premiums, required loyalty by producers to the companies they represent, and an analysis of types of E&O claims, including a summary of the most common claims.

Ethical Challenges and Consequences

Thursday, December 2, 9am - 12pm

Ethical Challenges and Consequences explores actual ethical lapses of insurance professionals. Information from state insurance department shows what went wrong and how the state's insurance regulations, and/or applicable local laws, were enforced. The ethical challenges are covered on a case-by-case basis, providing students and instructors opportunities to discuss what motivations or temptations that might have contributed to the misdeeds.

Understanding Insurance Fraud

Thursday, December 2, 1pm - 5pm

Insurance fraud costs the insurance industry and consumers billions of dollars each year. This course defines insurance fraud and outlines who commits it and how much it costs society. The course reviews many insurance scams and how they are executed through different policies. This review provides insight into why various fraud schemes are committed and how the criminals benefit from them. This is a timely and topical “expose-style” course.

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