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About CE Classes

Our goal is to provide you with high-quality education in a comfortable and relaxing environment.  By doing this, we hope that you enjoy our classes and learn a lot. Our sessions are short and scheduled frequently throughout the year so that you can fit them all on your calendar without being overwhelmed. 

We personally host each of these classes and offer them free to agents who handle Property and Casualty insurance claims.  Our CE classes are held in Englewood, Ohio.  Please refer to the class schedule to find the exact location of each class.


Our contents restoration classes meet all the requirements for Continuing Education credits for insurance agents in the State of Ohio, as determined by the Ohio Department of Insurance.

2023 CE Classes:

Ethics and the Senior Client

Thursday, February 2, 9am - 12pm

With the senior population in the United States continuing to grow as the baby boomers hit their retirement years, agents need to keep abreast of ethical responsibilities in working with these clients. Questions to consider: Should you assess senior clients differently than younger clients? Is there a difference in writing a health-based product vs. a financial-based product? Should you require a family member to be attendance at any meetings you have with a senior? Do you know your professional liability associated with working with seniors? Also, are you aware of what the concept of “Financial Capacity” means, and how it can affect your ethical responsibilities? All of these issues, and many more, are covered in the course.

Fundamentals of Social Security & Medicare

Thursday, February 2, 1pm - 5pm

Social Security has evolved throughout the decades of its existence. The course covers the current issues concerning retirement benefits and strategies for maximizing your benefits. It outlines benefits for family members, survivor’s benefits, SSI benefits, and disability income benefits. Included is a discussion of the misconceptions and challenges in qualifying for the benefits. All aspects of Medicare are reviewed as well, including enrollment rules, benefits, and features.

Understanding Mold & Water Damage Issues

Thursday, July 27, 9am - 11pm

What is mold? Why are we concerned about it? Is it the devastating risk exposure some make it out to be? We discuss the insurance concerns relating to mold, as well as how to combat, control, and remove mold from home or business premises. Multiple case studies are presented to demonstrate the insurance issues associated with mold and water damage.

Insurance Contracts & Liability

Thursday, July 27, 12pm - 4pm

This course reviews how insurance policies are designed, focusing on the contractual aspect rather than the policy benefits. Insurance policies are contracts with conditions, definitions, and terms that make clear that the benefits paid are based on the language of the contract. If there is a disagreement over whether benefits should have been paid, the insured always has the right to take the insurance company to court. Courts will always make a determination based on the language of the contract.

Insuring Home-Based Businesses

Thursday, November 2, 9am - 12pm

Did you know there are over 40 million “home offices” and over 11 million home-based businesses? How many of your homeowner’s policy clients might have some sort of home-based business? The Homeowner’s Policy does not cover liability exposure from a business, and has little property coverage for business equipment. This course defines what a business is, and the insurance limitations of having a business at home. We discuss the differences in owning your own business versus running a business you do not own. We discuss endorsements to increase coverage for a business at home. We define what Incidental farming is and what coverage is available for that risk. We address the question: when should a person running a business from home consider buying a full-blown commercial policy to cover their risk exposures?

Ethics in the Insurance Industry

Thursday, November 2, 1pm - 4pm

This course clarifies the differences between morals and ethics, how they’re related, and the focus of regulations in regards to these concepts. The discussion reviews the expectations on corporate and agent conduct in the field of insurance. Specific duties are reviewed that must be fulfilled to achieve the expectations and requirements placed on the industry by regulators and an informed public

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