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Our goal is to provide you with high-quality education in a comfortable and relaxing environment.  By doing this, we hope that you enjoy our classes and learn a lot. Our sessions are short and scheduled frequently throughout the year so that you can fit them all on your calendar without being overwhelmed. 

We personally host each of these classes and offer them free to agents who handle Property and Casualty insurance claims.  Our CE classes are held in Englewood, Ohio.  Please refer to the class schedule to find the exact location of each class.


Our contents restoration classes meet all the requirements for Continuing Education credits for insurance agents in the State of Ohio, as determined by the Ohio Department of Insurance.


Understanding Medicare Supplements

Thursday, February 17, 9am - 12pm

Most Americans will enroll in the Medicare program. Medicare offers a lot, but it also lacks a lot, for medical care for senior citizens. Medicare Supplements, also called Medigap policies, were designed to help cover those costs not covered by Medicare. This course reviews the current ten standard Medicare Supplements being marketed today, outlining the different parts of Medicare and the coverage gaps they address. The course reviews how the different policies are designed to address those gaps. The course demonstrates how Medicare Select works. Also discussed are eligibility rules, enrollment rules, switching from one policy to another, and your rights and protections.

Fundamentals of Annuities

Thursday, February 17, 1pm - 5pm

Annuities can be an important product to help one achieve peace of mind and financial security a person is seeking for their retirement years. It is one of the most misunderstood financial products on the market today. This course lays bare what’s really going on inside the product and debunks some of the myths and misconceptions in the minds of the general public. The course reviews the inner workings of annuities, the different types of annuities, tax ramifications, and how the annuitization process works.

Ethics and Your Insurance Career

Thursday, May 26, 9am - 12pm

This course starts by giving a broad and thorough explanation of ethics for the professional insurance agent today. It covers the process of creating an ethical code of conduct satisfactory to the expectations of our regulators, companies, and the general public. Course topics include: “How ethical are we?,” and “What does ethics entail?” The course outlines our ethical weaknesses, the role of ethics in our industry, and the expectations of the general public toward agents today.

Identity Theft

Thursday, May 26, 1pm - 5pm

Most people have been a victim of Identity Theft, or know someone who has. Insurance agents need to stay current on this fast-growing and fast-changing crime in order to properly advise clients on proper risk management and the scope and ramifications of Identity Theft. The course explains Identity Theft, how it happens, and the consequences of falling victim to it. Also reviewed are ways to minimize exposure, what to do if you have become a victim of Identity Theft, and insurance remedies for Identity Theft.

Fundamentals of the Homeowners Policy

Thursday, August 18, 9am - 4pm
Homeowners Insurance is one of the most-purchased insurance industry products. Many people purchase this insurance but do not understand the features and benefits of the policy and how it is administered. The course outlines both basic and advanced concepts of the policy. The course reviews benefits provided, the various parts of the contract, what policies are available, and the differences between them. The course discussion outlines the levels of peril coverage available, conditions found in the policies, and the difference between property and liability coverages.

Ethics and Unfair Trade Practices

Thursday, November 3, 9am - 12pm

There are many laws dealing specifically with unfair trade practices. Many are specifically written concerning insurance in particular. In this ethics course, we start with the basics of determining whether a trade practice is fair or unfair to the consumer. Once that foundation is laid, we then move into discussing the NAIC Model Act which deals with Unfair Trade Practices in our industry today. All the primary aspects of the Model Act are covered, with questions and discussions encouraged.

The Regulation of Insurance Producers

Thursday, November 3, 1pm - 4pm

The course charts both the history and current environment of regulation of insurance producers in the United States, including licensing requirements, agent authority, agent contracts and agency relationships. Also, major federal regulations dealing with insurance are reviewed, as well as state regulation that has historically dominated insurance producer and insurance company regulation.

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