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Memorial Day Tornadoes

"...Tornadoes in Ohio set record for most touchdowns in local history."

The above phrase was the headline of many news articles following the 18 tornadoes that touched down in the Miami Valley this past Memorial Day.

As a restoration company, coming to work the next day, we had no idea what was in store. Upon arrival, the phones were off the hook for a solid week. This was the highest volume of calls we have ever experienced in such a short amount of time.

Our community needed board ups, contents packed out, trees removed, and someone to count on. During the first 4 days, we did around 60 board ups, working from dawn to dusk. While this may not seem like a large number, these weren't our average board ups, these were entire houses that needed covered and reinforced so as much as possible could be salvaged.

Immediately the repair jobs started to pile up and we became overwhelmed. We spent the next couple days, establishing a plan to conquer the amount of work that needed done, and we have worked long hours to help as many as possible.

To this day, tornado jobs continue to trickle in and six months have passed. We are currently getting more and more caught up each week and are only about 4 weeks out on estimates for those who are still in need.

We want to thank everyone in our community for their understanding and patience with us as we learned how to operate during such a busy time. We hope everyone is doing well and has found the support they need.

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