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Busy Seasons..

As a company, this year has been a busy one for us so far. The spring storms and summer rains have had us on our toes the past couple months. There have been days when the phone rings nonstop with people in need waiting for us to answer. We have been thankful for the patience some customers have had with us as we have had to put urgent jobs before theirs. We understand it is hard to be patient when a part of your property is damaged, but we thank you for sticking with us through our busy seasons.

While we are catching up from the rush of the last few months, we are beginning to see that it was a blessing to be able to help as many people as we did. It is hard when your “normal” is turned upside down and you have to rely on someone else to fix it for you. We understand this struggle and we are glad so many chose us to go through their difficult situation with them. Again we want to say thanks to all our friends for letting us help you in your time of need.

I thought I would share a few testimonies from the past few months that have pushed us to continue to be the best company we can.

  • I met your staff when I was most distressed by the damage to my home. Everyone was very businesslike and focused on the job to be done. It was accomplished in a timely manner. I was always informed of what was next and who would be coming. Everyone arrived at the appointed time. It was impressive. I am so grateful.

  • The professionalism exhibited by all members of the Boone team was exemplary. We also appreciate the appropriate attire and cheerful demeanor's of each employee. We had a good experience in spite of difficult circumstances.

  • Thanks for your great work. We really felt comfortable with your entire crew. You are all wonderful people.

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