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A Meaningful Reward..

We are honored to say that we are recipients of the 2016 Top Performer Award presented by Contractor Connection. Contractor Connection is a third-party administrator that insurance companies use to find the best contractors in an area to assign to an insurance claim they have open in the same location.

In order to receive this award, contractors must meet specific guidelines that include how many days it takes to contact an insured, set up an inspection of the claim, upload an estimate, start a job, and complete that job. According to Contractor Connection’s guidelines, depending on the size of the job, this process should take between ten and thirty days. If this is achieved then the working contractor will receive the highest score possible.

Receiving this award means that for the year 2016 we were one of the contractors to have the highest response time scores in the United States. It also is only awarded to contractors that are known for their customer service and communication. Again, we are honored to receive this award and know it wouldn’t be possible without the loyalty of our community.

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