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We appreciate our Subcontractors. .

This past Friday, we provided lunch at our shop for our subcontractors. We just wanted to simply say “Thanks” to them for all the work they do for us on a daily basis. Without our subcontractors, we would not be able to complete our jobs in such a timely fashion. We also appreciate the fact that on our job-sites, they show up on time, keep their area clean, and treat our clients with respect.

Some of our most notable subcontractors include: A1 Carpet & Tile, ATCO Woodworks, Buckeye flooring, Eichman Enterprise, H & S Plumbing, Jim Jones Drywall, Koble Plumbing, LB Painting, Lowe’s, Pete’s Furniture Repair, and Ulrich Construction. We were glad to see them all come out for lunch and it was great to catch up with them in a relaxed environment.

Altogether, we hope everyone had a great time and we want to say “Thanks” again for all your hard work and loyalty to us.

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