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Boone Restoration provides rebuilding and restoration services for buildings damaged by fire, water, storms, or other causes; chiefly, we are committed serving you, our customer. We make solid, open client relationships our top priority, and you can expect high-quality workmanship on every level of your project. Recognizing trustworthiness as our most valuable offering, we have built regular practices of honesty, accuracy, and truth into our management philosophy. You will find us dependable and sincere. If you have a problem, we will listen to your concerns and work to accommodate your needs. And, when the job is completed, the relationship goes on; Boone customers enjoy lasting Boone quality for years.

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Todd Boone


Todd spent his childhood in western Kansas, but he now lives in Lewisburg. He is happily married to his wife and is the father to nine wonderful children. He also has been blessed with eight grandchildren. When he isn’t hard at work, Todd enjoys with his family, being outdoors, and spending time in the mountains. Todd started his own construction company in the early 1900’s, since then his business has flourished into a successful restoration company. He now has over 40 employees that are spread across various counties. He has grown his business based on the principles of integrity and hard work. His desire is that his business glorifies God and his son Jesus. Todd’s favorite thing of working at Boone Restoration is the people he encounters on a daily basis, both his employees and customers.

Dustin Filbrun

Operations Manager of Estimating & Water

Dustin grew up near Arcanum and Phillipsburg where he spent his entire childhood. He attended school at Franklin Monroe before homeschooling for several years. He then went on to study Architectural Drafting at MVCTC. Dustin grew up farming with his father, grandfather, and uncle, but has been working at Boone since 2004. Dustin and his wife have been happily married since 2009 and lived near Arcanum for almost 10 years before they recently built and moved to their new home near West Milton. Since then, they have been blessed with 2 sons. They traditionally adopted their first son, born in 2015, and adopted their youngest son as an embryo, who was just born in 2021. Dustin spends his time outside of work by being with his family, playing any kind of outdoor sport, and flying (he is a licensed pilot). Dustin’s favorite part of working at Boone Restoration is watching the growth of the company and keeping up with the ever-changing needs of the restoration industry. “Even with the exponential growth and changes, it has been wonderful to see how the core principals of integrity and the comradery of all employees has continued which makes a great workplace atmosphere. Also, in the restoration industry we get the unique opportunity to help those who have just had a disaster in their home. I enjoy the fulfillment we get from helping those in need and the thank you’s we receive from our customers.”

Jonathan Rapp


Jonathan grew up in Bradford and lives there with his family still today. He and his wife have four children, three boys and a girl. Jonathan has been in construction for 34 years. He truly enjoys working and is thankful for the work ethic his parents instilled in him. These traits have allowed him to achieve many accomplishments in his career and be respected by his peers. Besides being in the office, Jonathan enjoys being outdoors. Yard work, gardening, and playing sports are all things he and his family do together. Jonathan’s favorite part of working at Boone Restoration is being able to help others in a positive way.

Chad Denlinger


Chad grew up in New Carlisle and now lives near Ludlow Falls with his wife, two daughters and one son. As a child, Chad spent most of his time outdoors helping around the property and riding his four-wheeler. Today, Chad enjoys spending time with his family, riding bikes and relaxing. Chad is passionate about leading his family spiritually and helping others in his community find the freedom they deserve. Chad’s favorite part of working at Boone Restoration is being a part of an organization that is well respected in the community and the freedom to use his gifts and talents to help those in need of restoration."

Nate Rapp

Operations Manager of Production

Nate has lived in Covington his entire life. As a child, he grew up just south of town and spent his time exploring the woods and steam around his home. Nate graduated from Covington High School 1990 and, after marrying his long-time sweetheart in 1991, he built a house in the country surrounding Covington. They lived there until 2011 and now reside on the west side of Covington. Nate has four children, one boy and 3 girls, but has gained three sons-in-law and a granddaughter! Nate and his wife love each of their children and spend anytime they can together. When Nate isn’t working or spending time with family, he enjoys biking and hiking. Nate’s favorite part of working at Boone Restoration is the camaraderie and teamwork that everyone has. “Every employee is willing to do whatever to help another employee with pulling their load. I so appreciate an atmosphere where God is exalted, and Jesus is held as King!”

Kevin Oyler

Project Manager

Kevin grew up in Preble County and still lives there today. Him and his wife live in the country with their three boys and one girl. When he isn’t in the office or visiting job sites, Kevin enjoys spending time with his family, traveling, exploring new places, and spending time in the outdoors to enjoy God’s creation. Kevin’s favorite part of working at Boone Restoration is helping others in challenging times and being a part of a Godly workplace.

Nick Boone

Project Manager

Nick grew up on a farm in New Lebanon where he spent most of his childhood playing in his parent’s pond and barns. Today, Nick lives out in the country of Covington. Nick is happily married to his wife and together they have two beautiful daughters that they love spending time with. When Nick isn’t working or pulling pranks on his co-workers, he enjoys being outdoors. Fishing, camping, and sports are some of the activities he enjoys in his spare time. Nick’s favorite part of working at Boone Restoration is his fellow employees.

Wade Miller

Project Manager

Wade grew up in Northern Indiana but now lives in the Greenville area with his wife. Together they have five children, one son and four daughters. Their son and two of their daughters are married and they have four grandchildren. Wade has been in construction for 35 years and enjoys disaster rebuilding. Wade also enjoys fishing and tractor pulling. Wade’s favorite part of working at Boone Restoration is the feeling of real care for each person here, whether it’s an employee or customer.

Rob Lermond

Large Loss Project Manager

Rob currently lives in Vandalia with his wife and three children. He has been married for eleven and a half years and loves spending time with his family. After graduating high school, Rob started working in the construction industry. Since then, he has worked for various commercial framing crews and he also had his own company for four years. Rob joined our company about three years ago and has felt at home ever since. Rob is one of eight children; he enjoys camping and working hard to provide for his family.



Chris Wilkins

Shop Manager

Chris grew up in south Florida and moved to Ohio in 1998. He currently lives in downtown Dayton. Chris has two older sisters who each have five children, giving him 10 nieces and nephews. When he isn’t busy ensuring our shop runs as smoothly as possible, Chris enjoys arts in all forms, animals of all kinds, reading books, and watching documentary films. Chris’s favorite part of working at Boone Restoration is the staff and the amazing leadership that puts it all together.


Zeb Kirby

Water Manager

*Bio coming soon*


April Landes

Accounting Manager

April is originally from Virginia but moved to Ohio where her husband is from. She now lives in the Clayton area with her husband and young son in their newly renovated farmhouse. She graduated with an accounting degree, so she is fond of working in the office and crunching our latest numbers. In her spare time, she enjoys working on projects around the house, spending time outdoors with her family and traveling.

Cherith Rapp

Office Manager

Cherith lives in the country of Covington, the hometown where she was born and raised. Cherith was homeschooled and graduated in 2018. Cherith worked as a communications coordinator for a few years before joining Boone Restoration in 2020. She enjoys spending time with her friends and family (especially her nieces and nephew), reading or painting, fishing, and being with her German Shepard, Riley. Cherith’s favorite part of working at Boone Restoration is working with a team that not only gets a lot accomplished but has fun in the process.


Memberships & Certifications

Memberships & Certifications
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